Meet the Emotibles! Featured as a prototype in cool hunters ‘hot pick’ section, they’ve proved to be a huge hit! Following the buzz, husband and wife team Jonathan and Kate Hall – the brains behind the product – decided to roll with the project. They have not looked back since.

So what is the hype all about? Huge with the teenage market, Emotibles are essentially accessories for accessories. We all love to customize so think of these as the Spokey Dokes for the screenager generation.

Emotibles are marketed as “expressive charms to snazz up those boring, white, everywhere-ad-nauseam iPod earbuds.” The Halls based their emotive characters fittingly on emoticons and have expanded the line by featuring them on baby tees and post-its.

As with all popular ideas, other players quickly pop up. So, now we introduce to you Budclicks. It is essentially the same concept, this time aimed at a slightly broader demographic. The team at Budclicks has thought of everything from cutesy flowers, to indie-kid skulls, to representing your candidate with ‘polito-clicks’, because campaign buttons are soo last year, baby.

By Brendan McKnight


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