A Very Good Reason To Visit The Southbank

I can safely say that the South Bank is my favourite part of London. I mean what isn’t there to like. There’s the Tate Modern, the IMAX (Europe’s largest cinema), The BFI, some pretty awesome views of London and as if that wasn’t enough Wahaca have opened the Southbank Experiment which is bolted beautifully onto the side of Royal Festival Hall.

Since Wahaca opened its doors a few years ago they have continued to expand their take on Mexcican Street food across London. Despite the excellent food they absolutely nail it each and every time with their interiors and the general look and feel of the restaurants.

This brings me to the point of my blog entry. I had the pleasure of stumbling across the ‘Wahaca Southbank Experiment’ on Monday and once again they have raised the bar.

As a brand experience it just works. It’s built from 8 recycled shipping containers arranged on 2 overhanging levels. I encourage anyone to go down and check it out first hand…and for all those as geeky as me about these things check out how they made it, here.


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Phil Edelston