Since 2009 we have been supporting Kiva – a unique charity that lends money to entrepreneurs in developing countries to help them start, safeguard or expand their business. As the loans are repaid, the money is re-invested, allowing more entrepreneurs to be helped.

Every time a new job is signed off, we celebrate our good fortune by making a donation to Kiva. This commitment has allowed us to help nearly 300 entrepreneurs in 46 different countries.

People like Wilson from Uganda. The 45 year old father of four had a small coffee farming business, but competition was high and he didn’t have the right tools or fertilizer to keep up. Through Kiva, Mash lent him the money to buy these items. Wilson now has a successful business and has repaid the loan in full.

This is just one of hundreds of positive stories that have come out of our partnership with Kiva, and we are very proud of the small difference Mash continues to make.