We are a young, ambitious company with a strong Mash culture and an exciting vision for our future. Our flat structure and open-minded approach encourages everyone to share their ideas for building and improving our business.

We love people

In a changing world, we fly the flag of human connection. And not just with our clients. Masher of the Month, Open Fridge Friday, Company Vision Day, Breakfast on Us, Masher Manager training: we have lots of initiatives that build relationships, create memories, and thank all our staff for the huge value they bring.

Brilliant individuals

No one is brilliant at everything because brilliance takes expertise. So our team is made up of a collection of exceptional people with specialist skills. And our clever resourcing means that everyone can be busy doing exactly what they love to do.

Feeling good

We have discovered an exponential relationship between job satisfaction and mileage. So we go the extra mile – for our clients, colleagues and staff in the field – and it makes us feel REALLY good.