Phil Edelston and Julian Johnson met at university. To earn some extra cash, they worked as promotional staff for a few different agencies – they weren’t fussy about who they worked for, just turned up on-site, worked hard and enjoyed the fruits of their labour.

After university both Phil and Jules started working for event marketing agencies. Suddenly they were on the other side. And that’s when they noticed two things.

Firstly, staffing came at the end of the process – after strategy, planning, design, build, and when most of the budget had already been spent. Staffing agencies were competing on price and speed. The second thing they noticed was how campaigns could triumph or fail on the quality of the people talking to the brand’s target audience. The staff.

Something wasn’t adding up.

In 2004, at 24 years old, Phil and Jules left their jobs and set up Mash Staffing. Their aim was to create a new type of staffing agency – one that was committed to professionalism and quality. They were fussy about the staff they allowed onto the Mash book, but then treated them as valued members of the team. They persuaded clients that staffing was just as important as stand design or the visitor journey. And in return they worked tirelessly to find the right people to deliver the specific aims of the brand.

Their approach proved popular and Mash expanded. In 2013 Chris Wareham joined the business as Managing Director with the remit to grow Mash still further across different staffing specialisms.

Fast forward to now and Mash is an award-winning, multi-channel staffing agency based in London Bridge with 35 internal staff, 200 retail employees and 4,000 Mashers across UK – as well as a sister agency in Australia.

And we are sure that there’s still plenty more exciting Mash history to be written…