Phil Edelston

Co-Founder & Client Service Lead

Phil is in the right job. A true advocate of the value of human connection, Phil eloquently and passionately explains the importance of using real people within a brand experience – to anyone who will listen.

Chris Wareham

Managing Director

Chris came to Mash with senior management experience and a solid background in experiential marketing. His geeky love of technology is just an added bonus.

Davinia Day

Client Operations Director

With a background in agency marketing, Dav has been a key character in the Mash adventure since 2010, during which time she’s become an excellent juggler - although more with clients, account teams and staff than actual juggling balls.

Alan Champion

Head of Finance

Lynn Booth

Head of HR

With 20 years experience working in management roles for blue chip companies, Lynn is the font of all HR knowledge. Which is great news for our 3,500 workers (as well as our clients).

Katie Lowe

Head of Talent

Well, if ever the clue was in the title. Katie’s ability to scout out awesome talent is truly legendary. And that’s without mentioning her social media know-how or her niftiness around a PowerPoint template.