Brand Ambassadors and Belief – The Importance of Great Training

This post originally appeared on Phil's Staffing Matters blog at Event Magazine.

This post originally appeared on Phil’s Staffing Matters blog at Event Magazine.

You’ll notice our Event Magazine blog is called Staffing Matters, and that’s for good reason. My co-founder Jules and I started Mash back in 2004 because great staffing can be absolutely crucial to the success of an event. Since then, we’ve seen time and again the proof that really engaged staff can have a powerful impact on campaigns, because they’re the ones making the all-important interaction with the most important person in the whole process: the consumer.

That’s why great training, and strong briefings, are important. We talk a lot about the power these two things have to inspire staff, and get them really enthused with the product or service they’re talking about.

That inspiration and belief in the product can facilitate a transformation from promotional staff, to Brand Ambassadors in the real sense – and that Brand Ambassadors like this are one of the very best tools a business can employ to reach out and move their customers.

Because they’re empowered by a belief that what they’re saying is worthwhile. In short, if they’re inspired, your customers will be inspired too.

Creating great Brand Ambassadors has to be a two-way process, and one in which briefings are only one part – albeit an important one. Informed and passionate advocacy comes as a result of time, the creation of intimacy and an emotional connection – but it can be invaluable in getting the ‘why’ of your brand across to your customers.

Our most successful campaigns are those in which our Brand Ambassadors have had to put in more time than just reading a briefing document – because our partners have insisted on great, in-depth, immersive training as a key part of their learning process. Peugeot are a great example, working with us through Initials to provide brilliant briefings and a real investment in their teams – resulting in great experiential campaigns like this.

In these situations, more time and effort has to be invested at every level – but the rewards always outweigh the perceived extra costs. The buy-in from the Brand Ambassadors is so much greater, and their passion for the brand so much more intense, that they’re able to bring an infectious enthusiasm to every interaction they go on to make.

They’ve tried the product, they’ve been immersed in the company culture, and they believe in it. They’ve become fans – so when they head out and meet the public, they’re able to talk as product users, fans, and ambassadors for your business.

This subtle difference between promotional staff and true Brand Ambassadors can make a world of difference to the outcome of a campaign. Staffing really does matter – but it’s more than just getting the right number of people in the right place. It’s about engagement, enthusiasm, and passion – and briefings are a great opportunity to create those three things in every member of your team.

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