CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS : REMIX wants to love to love you, baby.

Are you a poet/novelist/songwriter? Maybe you're in a band? What about a fashion designer? Are you a graphic artist? A filmmaker? A photographer?

Are you a poet/novelist/songwriter? Maybe you’re in a band? What about a fashion designer? Are you a graphic artist? A filmmaker? A photographer?

Yes?  Keep reading.


Are you emerging, fearless and enquiring?

Yes? Pull up a chair. Let’s talk.

REMIX is fascinated with the idea of adaptation: in how content transfers but also how forms and skills translate. Why do we, as practitioners, choose the mediums we do to tell the stories we tell?

REMIX is looking to bring together a creative team of exciting emerging practitioners who have asserted themselves as innovators in film, theatre, fashion, music and the digital arts but who have never created a piece of theatre before. We’ll collaborate and communicate, creating a live performance with an ensemble of actors.


It doesn’t stop there. Each creative will be tasked with adapting the play into a bespoke adaptation for their own specialism. The REMIXes – the play in its five incarnations – will be launched at a live event on 29 and 30 April 2010 – alchemizing the theatre, visual art, virtual media, fashion, music and literary industries.

REMIX will steal all the best bits of all the mediums whilst leaving behind the constraints/rules. If Carlsberg made theatre…. It would be REMIX.

Where do you sign up?

If you want to play your part in creating 21st century multi-disciplinary performance for the iPod-listening, Vogue-reading, blog-writing, YouTube-watching generation then email Natalie Ibu : Artistic Director at by Friday 15 January.

In your email, detail

· Who you are and what you do.

· What you’ve done and what you want to do.

· What and who you like.

· Attach an up to date CV and portfolio.

· Include details of where and when we can see you doing your thing – whatever it may be.
… And we’ll take it from there.

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Chris Wareham