Dealing with Swine Flu


Due to the recent swine flu development and the ever burgeoning list of victims, we thought it pertinent to advise everyone on our response to the pandemic in relation to promotional staff on campaigns.

The very nature of promotional work exposes our staff to hundreds of different people per week, often engaging in conversations and handing collateral, samples etc. between themselves and consumers. As a result, they are one of the high risk groups, exposed to potential swine flu.

We have noticed a substantial rise in the numbers of staff that we are having to replace due to last minute illness, spiking this weekend at 6 replacements across all activity, 7% of the total workforce for this weekend.  This spike is in stark contrast to the usual levels of attrition with our mean average running at less than 1% on most activity. Our response to this increase is as follows;

– Increase our contingency list from 5 to 20 staff for each activity.

– MASH to advise all promotional staff that if they experience any form of swine flu symptoms, they are not to try and ‘push through’ the illness, but stay at home until the illness has subsided.

– Staff to advise MASH as soon as they feel any symptoms coming on to give us enough time to search and select, train and confirm staff for activity.

– MASH to send swine flu symptoms sheet through to team leaders, event managers etc. so that any staff developing symptoms can be sent home (including the provision of hand sanitiser).

  1. What is your temperature?  Does it seem high?
  2. Do you have a sore throat and/or had a sore throat in the last 48 hours?

– MASH to advise clients about potential repercussions in relation to drop outs etc, advising on contingency allowance for staff replacement where and when necessary.

We hope that the governments renewed efforts to inform people on hygiene and prevention will assist in keeping these instances of staff drop outs to a minimum, but we feel it is prudent to keep all of our partners in the loop and proactively prepare for an upsurge in staff illness.

For any questions in relation to this, please contact Greg Mason on or e-mail our information line on


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