Digital technology is infiltrating every aspect of work across the business spectrum, and the corporate events industry is no different. While events offer an increasingly important chance to engage with people face-to-face, they are also becoming more reliant on digital technology – both for efficiency and entertainment purposes.

Registration staff at corporate events have an intense role to play. They are usually the first people that guests will meet, and are therefore at least partially responsible for any first impressions created. Guests are usually given a small window to arrive in, so registration staff tend to be very busy for a short amount of time. During this period, they need to perform with the utmost efficiency, while also appearing relaxed, friendly and in control.

In this environment, technology has the potential to be unravelling for registration staff. It is likely that the registration process will include using a bespoke software system on a phone or tablet to search for the guest’s details, confirm their attendance and potentially print out relevant paperwork. It may also require staff to collect further data regarding the attendee. The registration staff will be expected to complete this with speed and efficiency, and it is therefore very important that they are confident about using technology.

A key element of this confidence is good quality training. Registration staff should be trained on the system that they will be required to use and given enough time to become familiar with it. But to ensure the registration process runs smoothly, staff should also be comfortable with using technology more generally. For the younger generation, this is almost a moot point – their whole lives revolve around technology, social media, e-commerce etc. But this isn’t the same across the board.

At Mash we believe that first and foremost, registration staff must have good people skills and show warmth and understanding when interacting with others. Another important characteristic is the ability to remain calm and friendly under pressure and think on their feet if situations arise that couldn’t have been predicted. But we also recognise the importance of registration staff being comfortable with technology.

To be invited onto the Mash book, staff first go through a comprehensive selection process. At the CV screening stage, we will check for IT skills and experience and this will be further investigated at interview. Depending on the specific event, we may run top up training via a digital training platform – and this will help to identify any weaknesses in the technology skills of our staff.

If any of our staff demonstrate a lack of confidence with technology, it doesn’t mean we won’t use them – we will always prioritise human skills, work ethic and the ability to connect with others. But we will encourage them to get IT training, and won’t place them in jobs that involve using systems in a pressurised environment until they can demonstrate an enhanced capability. While technology may not represent the fundamentals of what makes a good member of registration staff, if you want the best experience for your guests, it’s also a skill that can’t be ignored.

Mash Staffing provides registration staff for world-renowned venues, leading events agencies and major global brands. If you have any registration staff requirements, please get in touch.

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