In our fast-paced world where digital technology is providing great strides forward in terms of virtual communication and streamlined corporate processes, corporate events are becoming ever more important. Whether it’s a company-wide conference to strengthen loyalty, an exclusive meeting of senior managers to determine strategy, or a fun celebration to thank customers or partners, corporate events offer huge value in terms of relationship building.

But to create these face-to-face experiences requires significant investment, so it is important that they are considered a success by your guests. One way to help ensure a positive reaction is by using high calibre corporate hostesses – because these individuals play a pivotal role at events. And here are five reasons why:

Face of your brand

Selecting a specific profile of corporate hostess gives you the opportunity to present your brand in a way that fits with your values and brand positioning. For example, you may want to reflect your international reach by having bilingual hostesses; or have tech-savvy hostesses to highlight your focus on future innovation. By using professional corporate hostesses provided by a reputable agency, you can define the first impressions that they create.

Put guests at ease

A high calibre corporate hostess will be skilled in putting people at ease. Your guests may never have been to the venue before, and perhaps won’t know many of the other guests. This could lead to a level of apprehension which, if not addressed, could create negative feelings about the event. By having professional corporate hostesses there to meet & greet, provide vital information and answer any questions, ensures that guests can relax and enjoy themselves right from the off.

Free up organiser time

Corporate event organisers tend to be very adept at impersonating swans – looking serene and in control on the outside, while paddling furiously behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly. However much planning is carried out before hand, organisers will always be exceptionally busy during the actual event. Having an effective team of corporate hostesses to engage with guests frees up organiser time to ensure all the logistics are working as they should.

Professional service

High quality corporate hostesses are professionals who will work to a brief. If they are asked simply to ensure guests enjoy themselves, they will work across the crowd to ensure everyone is included. If they are asked to introduce particular subjects into conversation, they will do exactly that. Corporate hostesses are an extension of your event organising team – and will help deliver against all your objectives.

Provide feedback

Having a team of corporate hostesses to support your event offers a great way to gain insight regarding guest reaction. Have they enjoyed the event? Do they have suggestions for how it could be improved? They also may share wider views on your brand or products. Corporate hostesses can share these insights to help you plan future event activity.

Corporate events have the potential to be hugely valuable, but also require significant investment. By recruiting a team of high calibre, professional corporate hostesses, you will greatly improve your chances of delivering a successful event.

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