Global footfall in a Covid world

Introducing Demo+, a new hybrid retail experience.  

Introducing Demo+, a new hybrid retail experience.


At first, e-commerce struggled to compete with bricks & mortar stores. Inconvenient delivery slots, expensive returns policies and cumbersome UX all worked against this new way of shopping.

But one by one these issues were resolved, and e-commerce started to become a worthy rival for traditional retail. Led by the mighty Amazon, this tribe of upstarts looked set to win the retail battle when there was a twist in the story:

physical stores introduced immersive customer experiences and regained some ground

Then a global pandemic hit. Retail stores closed and e-commerce was riding to victory.

But with the dawn of a new normal, we decided to see what would happen if the two sides worked together; if we found a way to take the best of what each retail concept has to offer – and give shoppers even more choice.

Retail tech company Go Instore has built a digital platform that allows retail experiences to be delivered virtually. And Mash offers engaging and highly trained staff, as well as access to high quality retail environments. It’s an exceptional combination and from it we created Demo+, a hybrid retail experience that fuses digital and experiential.

Samsung KX is an amazing retail experience space. Shut for 12 weeks during lockdown, it has gradually seen an increase in footfall over the last couple of months – but less international travel, more office staff working from home, and a proportion of consumers preferring to stay away from the shops for health reasons, means that it hasn’t reached its pre-Covid visitor levels.

But Samsung KX is still meeting its footfall objectives, just in a different way.

Since Samsung KX has re-opened, the staff have been using technology to create bespoke retail experiences for customers online –

and now these virtual customer interactions account for over 25% of footfall to the space (and come from all over the world).

Demo+ works via virtual video calls (one-way video, two-way audio). Our Samsung KX staff meet customers via a link from the Samsung website and demo the relevant products situated around the space. The interaction is always specific to the customer’s needs, providing the best of both worlds – a personalised retail experience, but without having to leave home.

Samsung KX is first and foremost a brand experience space, but sales via this virtual channel have proven to be impressive too, with much higher conversion rates than traditional e-commerce.

A demo of such convenience wouldn’t be possible without the technology, and a demo of such quality wouldn’t be possible without the retail space and exceptional staff. But most importantly perhaps, consumers now have even more choice in getting their retail fix.

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