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Less is More – Specialism & Simplicity

This post originally appeared on Phil’s Staffing Matters blog for Event Magazine.

This post originally appeared on Phil’s Staffing Matters blog for Event Magazine.

Sometimes it’s easy to assume that doing more is better.

However, time and again, the world’s greatest entrepreneurs have stressed the importance of focus and specialism in making great things happen. Apple’s Steve Jobs, Instagram’s Kevin Systrom, Lee Colan of The L Group; they’ve all emphasised that being brilliant at one thing is better than being simply OK at many. It’s where the old phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ comes from, after all.

That’s something I’ve always believed in with Mash, and now, more than ever, we’re seeing the beauty of specialism and simplicity. In an increasingly complex industry, with more and more disciplines and ever more complex campaigns, it’s tempting to try to diversify – but this can be at the cost of what you’re really great at.

In our case, our focus is staffing. We founded this business because staffing is more than just a matter of getting the right number of people in the right place, regardless of the size or scope of the campaign – and that requires a detailed knowledge, and an understanding of a marketplace that’s always changing.

For instance, knowing what makes your staff tick is something that’s hard to achieve unless you’re working solely with them, day in, day out. We know from first-hand research among our staff that group auditioning is seen as a bad thing – it makes them feel like one of many before they’ve even joined the business, and puts them in a position where they’re forced to compete against each other to be seen by the recruiting team.

We don’t believe in this, because promotions isn’t just a matter of being the loudest in the crowd. Just as every consumer has a different idea of what they consider to be great service, every client, and every campaign, has different requirements. Group interviewing doesn’t get the best out of people, because it only works for a certain type of individual – and it means other equally skilled staff can get left behind.

It’s difficult to recruit at such high volumes, naturally, and every agency has different ways of going about it. We’ve chosen video interviewing because it means we can get to know potential staff right across the country without making them wait for, and then travel to, our next casting day – and while of course there are some people who are a little nervous on camera, we’ve found it to be an amazing tool to get to know our staff.

Plus, having a gradual recruitment process, rather than focusing all of your efforts on one casting day, means we can get to know our new Mashers over the course of the process. That’s why we’ve got a dedicated Brand Curator & Community Manager who’s our key point of contact for every member of staff we bring on – because she’s a recruitment specialist, too.

Staffing is an incredibly nuanced field, and one that takes focus. We’ve quoted Kevin Systrom before, but his words bear repeating: “focusing on one thing and doing it really well can get you very far.”

If you want to know more about how we recruit and profile our Mashers across the UK, Australia and USA then we’d love to hear from you – leave a comment below, or drop me an email directly to phile@mashstaffing.com.

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Katie Lowe