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"The boy becomes a man"

The boy becomes a man”


A quick background::


I’m 33 years old, married, to my wife Emma.

What I like:

A nice restaurant, a fine glass of wine, going on holidays, a game of pool with my mates in Shoreditch, fashion, art, weekends away, scuba diving, films, business, current affairs and I try to maintain a gym routine that would tick our government’s weekly guidelines…

Post university, I moved to London where I still reside and for the last 10 years, I’ve embraced the life that our nation’s capital bestows this demographic with ease.

I’d consider myself private on occasions, I get annoyed at large shopping crowds, (go to Oxford Street on a pre Christmas Saturday afternoon and you’ll start to agree) exasperated as soon as I enter any element of London underground, (a poor service, overcrowding and constant delays…) and reality TV, it was so over post Big Brother One

Apart from this, I’m a happy go lucky kinda guy. I’m committed to my career, my wife, family and friends. A clich√© I know, but a work hard, play hard mentality has been my staple diet this last decade.

I’ve no children.

But it is this last statement that has prompted me to write a few words as I’m going to be a Father, a Dad, a Parent…¬† I’m going to become an adult; one of those grown up people that I’ve always known, but never really considered myself to be one.

I’ve acted as an adult on many occasions. For example, I’ve voted in two general elections, worked hard in my career, where I’ve made tough decisions, I have a mortgage…. I’ve even had a joint bank account with my wife before we were married. All adult behaviour, but until a baby is born, until I’m a parent, mentally I’m still a boy.

Now I’m not a writer, but I thought it would be nice to capture these moments, the emotions, the questions; so that in the many years to come I can look back in solitude, with my wife and or with my children and read aloud these words from a rambling Father’s history as I try to capture this wonderful journey today.

I’m going to be a father, I’m going to be a grown up. I’ve opened the door to my new world and I’m waiting to greet our new arrival with many mixed emotions…

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