MASH Down Under:: Claire Who?

It’s Friday afternoon, Peroni is in hand, Pitbull is blasting from the speakers, and I’m posting on my ‘work’ Tumblr for the first time. This whole intern ‘thang’ is treating me nicely so far.

However there is more to this internship than sitting in the office listening to 90’s r’n’b and pre-drinking (not that I have any complaints about that clearly integral part of my position). Neil (my boss) has asked us interns (there’s another intern Belinda, you check out her blog here)to Blog about our experiences at MASH, and include the good, the bad and the ugly.

In terms of my day today, the experience has been overwhelming positive. This morning Belinda, Neil and myself headed out for a breakfast meeting (loving how profesh that sounds), and discussed what we all want out of this internship over some questionable eggs and cappuccinos. The meeting was greatly beneficial as we were able to discuss what MASH needed from us, and what we’d like to get from MASH. We all left with a better understanding of all our own goals, and how we could work together to achieve these.

My favourite part of the day was working on MASH Australia’s Twitter site. I did some exciting stuff, like retweeting our clients tweets, following leaders in the media industry and working on our background (this is still in construction, as I’m awaiting the final download of InDesign – only 6 painful minutes left, oh Adobe!). I really loved doing this overhaul of the Twitter Site, as I could see results instantly (our followers increased), and am now getting excited about how much the our site could grow.

There weren’t really any blah tasks today, but the computers decision to refresh every time I pressed enter whilst building a job on Moogle left me a little frustrated.  And having to enter everything in again, and multiple BA roles did get a little repetitive, but that process should be simpler when I master Moogle a little more.

But I’m sure you’re asking yourself ‘Claire, what was the most beneficial aspect of your day, nay week?’. Well that’s simple, it’s finding out that your boss has about 3 Degrees of separation between himself and Puff Daddy. Check out the video I’ve posted – which has a very interesting PR/Marketing foundation (its creation is very insightful on some agencies lack of morals within the media world). But if nothing else watch it to see Puff, his friends (the one in a denim jacket with fur trim is truly amazing!) and a bottle of Courvoisier (Neil’s Dad used to work for the company) have a wild time! If this doesn’t say ‘Happy Friday’ I don’t know what does!


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