Big data is watching you

Good pain?

Our famously organised, never knowingly flappable Operations Director is perspiring slightly right now. Why? Well, because GDPR – AKA General Data Protection Regulation – comes into effect on 25th May. And GDPR means sweeping changes for any business that holds … Read more »

Woman in warehouse

Unfairly distributed?

I’m currently staring at my recently purchased copy of James Bloodworth’s new book: Hired – 6 Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain – and a familiar feeling has gripped me. It’s the one I get when I stare at the rowing … Read more »

Green & Blacks store demonstrators

Mash Staffing grows partnership with Waitrose

After a successful trial period, Mash Staffing has been appointed by Waitrose to provide Waitrose Taste Ambassadors for their Tastings with Waitrose sampling programme. The six-month trial in 25 stores received excellent feedback from brand partners, store staff and customers, … Read more »

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

Tigger vs. Eeyore

Yesterday the Chancellor set out his Spring Statement, and was pretty cheerful about the way the economy is going: growth up, borrowing down, debt falling, light at the end of the tunnel. But on Monday we were given a very … Read more »

Jenga image

From Magic to Tragic (And not just the snow)

Yesterday we heard the news that ToysRUs has gone into administration, hotly followed by electronics retailer Maplin. Two of our biggest retail brands are on the brink of disappearing, and over 5,000 jobs in the UK are now at risk. … Read more »

Eaters collective dining experience

Just have it

It is now a widely accepted trend that people are spending more of their disposable income on doing things rather than having things. Whether it’s some spiritual awakening or simply the urge to look good on Instagram that’s driving this … Read more »

Christmas Imagery

Just add sparkle (and the golden quarter will shine)

Last week gave us the headline that YOY retail sales were down in October. As the first month of the famous ‘golden quarter’, this understandably gave retailers some cause for concern. Many retail experts were quick to explain away this … Read more »

Dyson Supersonic Successful

Dyson Supersonic – why so successful?

The Dyson Supersonic has been mentioned in the John Lewis Retail Report. I’m tempted to say that being name checked alongside flamingos and avocados is an achievement in itself, but perhaps more importantly, the Supersonic was listed as the retail … Read more »

Starbucks store

Let’s take this off line

On 1st October Starbucks closed its online shop. If you’re concerned about how to replenish your stock of hazelnut syrup, don’t worry – there are still a host of online retailers selling Starbucks products. But a global, youth-focused brand suggesting … Read more »