How Can You Guarantee Quality of Serve?

0 Question: There are few things that motivate consumers to buy more than getting a sample of the product into their hands, particularly when it’s a food and drink product. How best can marketers give shoppers a taste of their … Read more »

Leyton's Blog # 1

0 “The boy becomes a man” A quick background::   I’m 33 years old, married, to my wife Emma. What I like: A nice restaurant, a fine glass of wine, going on holidays, a game of pool with my mates … Read more »

Masher of the Month

0 Every month MASH love to reward our top performers. The staff who go the extra mile in order to ensure the successful delivery of a campaign. We speak to fellow Mashers, Event Managers, Clients and also all the guys … Read more »

sMashing News – March 2009

0 Mash continue to change the eating habits of schoolchildren all over the UK with the fantastic Get Real Fast Food Show which is the brain child of the School Foods Trust. The whole aim of the roadshow is to … Read more »

Maverick Profile

0 Name :: Micky Torino Field Name :: Maverick Background :: ‘I grew up in a family of 23, 18 brothers and 5 sisters. I’m the youngest of them all and the last to leave. I’ve wanted to fly ever … Read more »

Columbo Profile

0 Name :: Bob Sugar Field Name :: Columbo Background :: ‘I was a top corporate lawyer and then became a sports agent, before I realised that I loved dressing up and wasn’t getting the kicks from the pinstripe anymore. … Read more »

Buzz Profile

0 Name :: Brenda Braithwaite Field Name :: Buzz Background :: ‘Ever since I was born within a space suit, I’ve wanted to go to space. I will be the first Masher in space. Apart from space, I’m addicted to … Read more »

Bullitt Profile

0 Name :: Leroy Summers Field Name :: Bullitt Background :: ‘I used to own a bar, having grown up behind a bar myself. I love speed, love the open road and love to compete. Hell, I’ll race a chaser … Read more »

Meet our North-West Brand Champion

0 Charlotte has worked full-time within promotions for 4 years and has built up fantastic credibility and rapport in the industry. Charlotte loves working in promotions as she gets the opportunity to work with a vast variety of brands, meet … Read more »

0 Name :: Brian Field Name :: Brian Background :: ‘I’m a tv producer and a huge inter galactic war fan. I’ve always loved talking in voices and accents and would have been an actor if I hadn’t had that … Read more »