Eaters collective dining experience

Just have it

It is now a widely accepted trend that people are spending more of their disposable income on doing things rather than having things. Whether it’s some spiritual awakening or simply the urge to look good on Instagram that’s driving this … Read more »

Christmas Imagery

Just add sparkle (and the golden quarter will shine)

Last week gave us the headline that YOY retail sales were down in October. As the first month of the famous ‘golden quarter’, this understandably gave retailers some cause for concern. Many retail experts were quick to explain away this … Read more »

Dyson Supersonic Successful

Dyson Supersonic – why so successful?

The Dyson Supersonic has been mentioned in the John Lewis Retail Report. I’m tempted to say that being name checked alongside flamingos and avocados is an achievement in itself, but perhaps more importantly, the Supersonic was listed as the retail … Read more »

Starbucks store

Let’s take this off line

On 1st October Starbucks closed its online shop. If you’re concerned about how to replenish your stock of hazelnut syrup, don’t worry – there are still a host of online retailers selling Starbucks products. But a global, youth-focused brand suggesting … Read more »

Dyson supersonic retail event

Picking up Gold at the IPM COGS Awards 2017

While I’m not usually one for self-aggrandisement, I can’t help but give a big rip roaring shout out to my fantastic Mash team for winning Gold at the IPM COGS Awards last Friday – an excellent achievement that deserves a bit of online applause. … Read more »

Mash Sports team photo

The value in values

We’re in the process of updating our creds, and are currently angsting about whether to include an overview of our company values. Our clients ultimately want brilliant staff – so will their eyes glaze over if we start discussing more lofty ideals? … Read more »

bookshelves and library image

What we can learn from education

Aside from 18 year olds, nerve-jangling parents and a few proud grandparents, no one cared too much about last week’s A level results. But actually something quite momentous occurred … Read more »

Bookshop front image

Physical Attraction

When a friend asked me recently why I didn’t own a Kindle, and I answered with “Oh there’s just something special about turning a crisp white page,” I seriously worried that I’d hit middle age without even realizing it. But … Read more »

AI Robot

Automatically bad news?

The launch of Amazon Go in Seattle is a cool and spanky example of a phenomenon that has been developing behind the scenes for a while: automation in retail. From self-checkouts and automated stock systems to iBeacon promotions and Tally the shelf stacking robot. … Read more »