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Partnership underlines every element of the Mash Manifesto.

Partnership underlines every element of the Mash Manifesto.

We are so highly thought of because of the emphasis we put on our relationship with our field staff, affectionately known as ‘Mashers’, and the resource we dedicate to ensuring that our community feels valued, supported and motivated to deliver the very best staffing solution in the UK.

We have built this business on a respect driven manifesto based on the following principles;
> Recruit only the best promotional staff in the market.
> Recruit based on charisma and personality rather than just looks.
> Train and support all staff.
> Reward excellence.
> Do not tolerate average.
> Open, honest communication at all times.
> Remain open and objective, listening to all perspectives.
> Performance manage from brand ambassadors through to event managers.
> Be open to constructive feedback.
> Assist in career development.

Our Senior Brand Champion Christiana Dobbie recently held a 3 day Recruitment Event at the Marriot Hotel in Central Birmingham and the results and quality of new ‘Mashers’ on board has been outstanding.


Whittling down 145 applications to 55 interview slots is hard enough but then ensuring that only the very best succeed and proceed to full Mash Registration is no easy challenge. We are delighted to welcome on board 40 new Mashers in the Midlands who all successfully completed a detailed application on Moogle and were then taken through a series of role plays, interactive learning sessions, fun quizzes, Q&A sessions and of course, the ‘Mash Manifesto’.


As well as all of this, our new Mashers have had to display passion, integrity, charisma and confidence as well as many moreĀ  traits from the very first application right through interview and will now carry these key values into the field for Mash.

We deliberately don’t make it easy to get on to the Mash books as we want to ensure we add value to the process from the very first moment you engage with us via Moogle.

Look out for more interview days coming in an area near you soon and remember; “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.

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