Our Flower of Scotland…

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Brand Champion for Scotland :: Nikki Lindsay

Unbelievable as it may seem, a whole world of experiential marketing exists North of Watford in a far off ‘county’ called ‘Scotland’ and we can’t ask for a stronger ambassador for the Mash brand than Nikki Lindsay.

One of the many reasons Mash set up the Regional Recruitment model was to bring Mash closer to the people rather than existing purely in ‘far away London’ with regional campaigns being something of an after-thought. We are very proud of our local links to regional areas – Mash Campaign Managers have no option but to embrace Scotland – as they have a Talent Manager who is very proud of his homeland – to put it mildly.

Nikki has been working within the industry for many years and has completed plentiful Event Management projects for Mash and other agencies and always delivers with a real sense of dedication to the detail and cause.

Look out for her next Mash day coming soon!

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