Our South-West Brand Champion..

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South-West Brand Champion :: Tat Wa Lay

South-West Brand Champion :: Tat Wa Lay

Look out for Tat flying the Mash flag in a South-West location near you soon….here are his thoughts……

“Promotions excites me in the way that you are always working with fun and highly energetic people. It also gives you an excuse to get away from your hometown and experience life in different parts of the country.

My role as a Mash Brand Champion is to recruit people with positive attitudes towards life. I believe positivity will get you through anything, including working alone in a cold supermarket giving away flyers.

Tat is not a politician…but if he was…

School dinners would consist of sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice. … maths lesson would be about working out tax returns, keeping out of debt and surviving a credit crunch

On Crime … all guns and knives in rap videos would be edited and replaced with feathers … convicted stalkers will have to wear a bright orange jumpsuit when going out in public and the media will only be able to report on good news

We’ll leave you with Tat’s philosophy on life..

“…a day without laughter is a day wasted”

We’ll toast to that Tat!

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Chris Wareham