If you have 200 people turning up at an unfamiliar venue for an event that starts at 9.30am sharp, it isn’t hard to conclude that you need a team of registration staff to ensure that guest arrival runs smoothly and the event can start on time.

But what if you have a much smaller number of guests? Or perhaps an open day where arrival times are more spaced out? Are registration staff worth investing in if you don’t have queues of people waiting impatiently for entry?

To decide whether to invest in anything, you need to first calculate your return on investment – i.e. will the product or service help you achieve your goals. With regard to registration staff specifically, how can these individuals help you meet your event objectives? And if you are able to manage the registration process without them, what is the point in using them at all?

The answer lies in their level of professionalism. If the registration staff have no experience or training in guest management – and are simply there to tick your attendees off a list – then it is unlikely that they would offer good return on investment for smaller events, and it may be more appropriate to manage guest arrival internally. However, if the registration staff are skilled at putting guests at ease; listening to their opinions and aspirations; and encouraging them to ask questions and explore their surroundings, then they have a much more valuable role to play.

For example, if you are inviting a select number of targeted prospects to view a new product before its official launch, registration staff can serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they can highlight the exclusivity of the event – reminding guests that it is an invite-only experience. Secondly, registration staff can be used to support your sales team by collecting important data such as when the prospect might be in market and what competitor products they are considering. If the event is a ‘plus-one’, registration staff can also help generate additional leads by interacting with these partners or friends.

High quality registration staff are experts at qualifying guests, engaging them in conversation and putting them at ease. These skills are very valuable and can be used at lots of different events – big and small – to help event organisers meet their objectives.

At Mash we manage a book of 4,000 staff and a large proportion of these have event registration experience. In selecting new staff, we always put great importance on their ability to engage with people, as well as their general attitude. A positive, ‘can-do’ approach to interacting with guests can lead to huge benefits for the event organiser – from generating product sales, to ensuring satellite teams return from a conference feeling loyal and motivated.

High calibre registration staff have a host of transferable skills, so there is a good chance that including them at your event will provide a healthy return on investment.

Mash Staffing provides registration staff for world-renowned venues, leading events agencies and major global brands. If you have any registration staff requirements, please get in touch.

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