sMashing News – March 2009


Mash continue to change the eating habits of schoolchildren all over the UK with the fantastic Get Real Fast Food Show which is the brain child of the School Foods Trust. The whole aim of the roadshow is to show (in some disgusting detail!!) what really goes into our burgers and sausages and to really make the kids think twice before they order and indeed cook.

Our bad chefs, good chefs and damn good presenters are telling it to them straight with hilarious results…

So who gets the vote? The Good or the Bad Chef?

So who gets the vote? The Good or the Bad Chef?

For a sneak preview of the show in action….

The team have been generating some fantastic PR for this incredibly meaningful and health-oriented campaign.

To meet some of the MASHers changing the way kids eat click here:

Look out for the team at a school near you soon!

Flamingos can only eat with their heads upside down

In the week of Red Nose madness The Comic Relief team have hired the greatest minds in advertising to come up with the best ad in British television history. Starring Monkey, Honey Monster, Captain Birdseye and many more.


Competition is tight at the top of the annual Mash of the Day Fantasy Football Competition….With 9 games to go it is all to play for in the chase for the top prize of £120!

Manager GW Total
  Chris Powell 39 1600
  Fay Harvey 40 1555
  Jay Flowerdew 50 1541
Lewis Lower 30 1532
  Steve Grant 52 1530

For the Mashers who are playing this year or for new players looking to find out more for next season please log on to:

See you next month!

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