Corporate events cover many different types of experiences, from business conferences to press launches, team building activities and hospitality at sporting fixtures and entertainment shows. But there are a few elements that all corporate events tend to share.

One of these similarities is that they are a break from the normal routine – guests will generally be taking time out from their day job, doing something they’re not familiar with in a venue they don’t know. Secondly, it is likely that the invitees won’t know a high proportion of the other guests – and in some cases, they won’t know anyone. Putting these two elements together shows why guests can feel slightly apprehensive when they first arrive at a corporate event.

This state of mind is just one reason why registration staff are so important. These individuals are the guests’ first port of call, so it is their responsibility to make them feel at ease. By giving guests a friendly welcome, providing relevant information in a clear and considered way, and allowing guests the chance to ask any questions that they might have, registration staff can lift those feelings of apprehension and set guests on course to enjoy the event.

Of course high calibre registration staff provide a huge support to the event organiser too. Experienced, professional registration staff are able to process new arrivals quickly and effectively, but without making the guests feel like they’re being rushed. This efficiency means that long queues in front of the registration desk can be avoided, and also that the event organiser has accurate information regarding the status of attendance.

Registration staff also provide a branding opportunity. Whether it’s a message about your company or specific to the event itself, the profile, uniform and welcome script of the staff manning the registration desks gives you a chance to reflect your values and brand positioning. Smart suits and a formal welcome reflect a particular style, while T-shirts and big grins suggest another. Whatever message you would like to relay, your registration staff have an important role to play in its delivery.

At Mash we understand exactly how important registration staff are at corporate events so we have adopted a selective recruitment strategy that ensures we only add registration staff to our book that meet our three-point criteria. Firstly, they need to have experience of working in the sector, ideally with references. Secondly, they must show they are capable of delivering an excellent service, and we use role playing at interview stage to assess this. And thirdly, they must have the right personality to ensure they can make guests feel reassured and positive about their day.

While we are confident about the quality of our staff, we also encourage our clients to give registration staff adequate training to ensure they have all the information they need to register guests efficiently and answer any of their questions.

First impressions make a significant difference in how a guest rates an event they attend, and registration staff have an important role to play in ensuring it’s a positive one. We are confident that our registration staff will do just that.

Mash Staffing provides registration staff for world-renowned venues, leading events agencies and major global brands. If you have any registration staff requirements, please get in touch.

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