What difference can your conference staff make?

The word ‘conference’ can draw some negative connotations – stale pastries, that awkward conversation with Bryan from the Ipswich office who you haven’t seen since last year, and a slow, miserable death by PowerPoint amongst a sea of grey suits and sweaty armpits.

But the modern conference is a far cry from this traditional image. There are workshops, films, interactive technology and immersive experiences designed to improve teamwork and embed brand messages. Conference guests are no longer allowed to sit passively and ingest company information – they are expected to get involved, share their opinions and find common ground with Bryan from Ipswich.

This is a huge improvement of course – both for the conference attendees and the host – but for some guests it can also be a little daunting. Which is why the quality of your conference staff can make all the difference.

Conference staff need to be efficient – registering hundreds of guests in a finite amount of time demands this. They also need to be hardworking – performing at their best throughout each long conference day. And conference staff also need to reflect the values of the conference host, remaining hospitable and professional throughout the event.

But the best conference staff offer more than this. They are also empathetic, reassuring and encouraging. They listen to the guests and have the patience to help with every query or concern – whether that’s navigating them through the venue (again), checking allergens in the restaurant or explaining how to use the ever more complicated interactive tech.

The world is moving at a faster pace than ever before, with digital technology leading that change. But breaking new ground also creates an urge for something familiar, and in many situations that familiar thing involves people. Conference staff have a more important role to play than ever before in facilitating this change within the conference environment, and giving guests an experience that they can remember in a totally positive way.

At Mash we understand how important good quality conference staff are. All new recruits are expected to have broad conference experience, but they must also have the right attitude and people skills – abilities that our Head of Talent assesses during a face-to-face interview.

Conferences will continue to evolve and take advantage of all the new tech and future thinking that’s out there. And at Mash we will continue to recruit, train and manage a book of exceptional conference staff that can ensure the transition remains a smooth one for our clients.

Whether you need conference hosts or hostesses, ushers, or front-of-house staff, we have a network of smart, hard-working and reliable conference staff who can work alongside you to help you create the perfect conference or event.

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