Using a team of corporate hostesses at your event can help take the pressure off the event organisers as well as adding an extra layer of professionalism to the experience. But it is crucial that these hostesses are of good quality. Whether it’s an event for employees, suppliers, partners or customers, they will be interacting with people who matter to your brand, and influencing their perception of the event.

So what makes a good corporate hostess?

In any profession, the more experience you have the better able you are to do the job – and a corporate hostess role is no different. It’s easy to assume that the job doesn’t require any skills – just a friendly personality – but that doesn’t do the role justice. The nuances of how to gauge different guests, when to engage and when to employ discretion; these are subtle skills that come mainly from experience.

Social skills
The core focus for a corporate hostess is to interact with the event guests. These guests may be senior clients, or junior employees. They could be UK residents or international guests flying in for the occasion. A high quality corporate hostess needs to have the social confidence to engage with a wide range of different people, and the empathy to tailor their approach to suit the specific needs of their audience.

Work ethic
Corporate events often involve working long hours, mainly on your feet. Corporate hostesses need to remain consistently warm and friendly throughout the event, as well as polite and respectful. They also need to work proactively – not just responding to requests, but anticipating them in advance and finding solutions. In order to achieve this, corporate hostesses must have a strong work ethic, working through any tiredness and remaining positive throughout.

Like children and animals, how a corporate event proceeds can be hard to predict. Will it rain? Will there be public transport delays or a broken coffee machine? A guest enjoying the free bar too much or announcing an allergy at the last minute? A good corporate hostess is one that can adapt her role to fit the circumstances, and to think on her feet to find solutions to problems that might not have been planned for. Corporate hostesses also need to show flexibility to their manager. They may be asked to do jobs outside of their official scope such as clear tables or retrieve coats – and they should do this with a positive attitude.

Brand loyalty
The corporate hostess team will interact directly with your staff, clients, suppliers and partners. Therefore it is important that they remain on brand throughout, representing your values and relaying your brand messages. Training is an important element of developing this loyalty, but corporate hostesses should also have a fundamental understanding of the important role they play as the face of your brand.

At Mash, we demand all five of these credentials when we recruit new corporate hostesses to our book. After an assessment of their CV, every prospective new member of staff is interviewed and given role playing challenges to assess their skill level. Only when we are certain of their professionalism and quality will we offer new staff a place on our book.

Mash Staffing provides corporate hostesses for world-renowned venues, leading events agencies and major global brands. If you have any corporate hostess requirements, please get in touch.

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