Conferences are major events that require significant investment and focus. While they may take months to plan, they are often only a few days in duration. It is therefore vital that every moment of the event runs smoothly – and conference staff have a huge influence on making sure this happens. All our conference staff are experienced, professional and committed to delivering excellent customer service throughout.


We work with a number of leading brands and event agencies, providing conference staff for their events. As a preferred supplier for Dixons Carphone, we provide staff for their annual conference at the NEC. We also work with Historic Royal Palaces, BMW and events agency ICF Next. As a result, we have a host of high quality, experienced conference staff on our book.


Conferences are very demanding on staff. They usually involve long hours, intense workload and the need for efficiency and speed – while also expecting a caring and considerate outward impression. Conference staff also need to look smart, and reflect the values of the host brand. This requires a high level of professionalism – and one that all Mash conference staff meet.


The conference environment can be challenging. Some delegates may need support with directions, technology, timings or a multitude of other concerns. Some guests will be confident, while others may need a little reassurance or a friendly conversation. Our conference staff are aware of this diversity, and can instinctively tune in to the individual needs of delegates.

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A business conference is the product of months of planning and significant investment. It may be the only opportunity in that year for the business leadership team to disseminate information, inspire colleagues or clients, and build a sense of community through shared purpose. Therefore, it is vital that the conference achieves its goals, and delegates enjoy the experience.

Having good quality, experienced and well trained conference staff is absolutely central to this goal. At Mash, we believe strongly in the importance of work experience, and all the conference staff that we provide for our clients have experience in the sector. Our staff are also all interviewed by our talent team before being accepted onto the Mash book, so we can be confident about their skills.

As well as listing each staff member’s work experience, our database Moogle shows a rating for each staff member based on their previous work at Mash. They are scored by their Event Manager, and this feeds into their selection for future work. We also work with our clients to ensure a good standard of training on the venue, conference content and brand values.

Our staff are also tech savvy. Nowadays it is normal for conference staff to register guests via software packages, and often record additional information like bespoke itineraries or dietary information. Conferences often involve lots of interactive technology, and it is important for guests to get support from conference staff if its needed. While we encourage our clients to provide comprehensive training, we always ensure that our staff are comfortable with tech and quick learners.

Of course conference staff need to be efficient – registering hundreds of guests in a finite amount of time demands this – as well as hardworking and professional. But we believe that the best conference staff are also empathetic, reassuring and encouraging, with the capacity to listen to guests and have the patience to help with every query or concern – whether that’s navigating them through the venue (again), checking allergens in the restaurant or helping them find where they left their phone.

With more digital technology at conferences, and the growing trend for multiple break out sessions and delegate interaction, conference staff have a more important role to play than ever before in facilitating the conference and giving guests an experience that they can remember in a totally positive way.

At Mash we understand how important good quality conference staff are. All new recruits are expected to have broad conference experience, but they must also have the right attitude and people skills. Conferences will continue to evolve and at Mash we will continue to recruit, train and manage exceptional conference staff with the skills to help our clients deliver more successful conferences.

If you have any conference staff needs, please get in touch.

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