The role of corporate hostess is a very important one. Guests at corporate events are generally very important to the hosting business – whether as clients, partners or colleagues – and the way they feel about their corporate experience can have a major impact on their future behaviour. Our corporate hostesses are experienced, capable and exceptionally attuned to this significant responsibility.


We work with a number of premium venues and event agencies, providing corporate hosts and hostesses for their events. For example, we have been the exclusive staffing partner to Historic Royal Palaces since 2014 and regularly supply exceptional corporate hostesses for private events at some of their most iconic venues including Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace and Banqueting House.


The nature of corporate events means that our clients often need a high number of staff for just one day. For example, at Twickenham Stadium we provide up to 180 premium corporate hostesses to support the East Stand hospitality during home matches. We prepare for this by ensuring our corporate hostess book is continually updated, providing proactive training and keeping in touch.


Our corporate hosts and hostesses have a tangibly different profile to our promotional staff. They are warm and friendly, but also calm and discreet – with the ability to ‘think on their feet’ without letting it show on their face. Customer service is their absolute priority, which means setting high personal standards as well as listening carefully to the needs of every guest.

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A corporate event is a very special experience for its guests. Whether it’s watching England win at Twickenham, or drinking champagne under Ruben’s ceiling at Banqueting House, these are unique experiences that will be remembered far into the future. In line with this, the hospitality experience is usually of exceptional quality too – from delicious meals and fine wine, to high profile speakers and talented entertainers.

At Mash, we understand how special these events are – and that’s why we ensure our corporate hostesses are of an extremely high calibre too. Our talent team do a brilliant job of finding outstanding individuals with extensive experience and the right personality to deliver exceptional customer service, every time.

The team then ensures that every Mash corporate hostess receives a high level of appropriate training. All our clients can be confident that Mash corporate hostesses will be able to deliver the highest level of corporate hospitality without additional general training – of course we always recommend that our staff are given specific training on the host’s brand values, the event details and the venue.

As we hold long term partnerships with a number of our clients – from Historic Royal Palaces and Twickenham Stadium to BMW and events agency ICF Next – we always have a pool of corporate hostesses ready to work at their events. These members of staff know the venue inside out, as well as exactly how to uphold the brand values of the client. The corporate hostesses can give guests a better experience, and our clients enjoy the familiarity of returning staff.

Being a corporate hostess is not an easy role, and delivering it successfully requires a particular personality as well as the right skills, training and work experience. While it is important that our corporate hostesses are friendly and welcoming, they must also be patient as the same questions will be asked and they need to be as polite and helpful on the hundredth time as they were on the first. They also need to be hardworking; events can be long, tiring and very busy, and staff must stay fresh and invigorated throughout, sometimes late into the evening.

We set the highest standards for our corporate book, and are proud that they deliver for us at every event – enabling us to keep many long standing relationships with our corporate hospitality clients. If you need corporate hostesses for an event or conference, please get in touch. We’d love to help.

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