Retail has seen significant transformation over the last decade. As e-commerce has grown market share, many retailers have reacted by improving the customer experience in-store, enabling consumers to make a choice between the ultra-convenience of digital versus the immersive quality of retail brand experience. But now we have partnered with retail tech specialist Go In Store to give consumers another choice – to have both the convenience of online AND the bespoke experience of in-store.

Find out how Demo+ is helping Samsung KX meet its footfall target here.


Using one-way video/ two-way audio, the consumer has a bespoke, personal conversation with a brand trained retail specialist. The experience works just as it would in-store, with a demo of the products they’re interested in and all their questions answered. The Demo+ staff are all highly trained in brand, product and engagement techniques, ensuring that the consumer enjoys a high-quality retail experience; and very high conversion rates are testament to this.


Demo+ uses mobile tech so there are countless options for where the experience can take place. Some brands have established stores to work from, while others prefer to create a bespoke Demo+ space within a warehouse or office. We work with our clients to determine the best environment for Demo+ to take place within their range of options; and help them create the right backdrop to inspire their audience.


The tech for Demo+ is provided by Go In Store. It is fully integrated into the brand’s e-commerce platform, and online visitors access their personal retail experience directly from the brand website. They can see and hear the retail specialist as he/she moves around the space, while the member of staff listens to the consumer via their headset. Products can be dropped into the consumer’s online basket and processed in the normal way.