Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors play a vital role in any face to face brand experience – and the value that an engaging, on-brand and knowledgeable brand ambassador brings to a marketing event is significant. We have been providing high calibre brand ambassadors for major brand activations since 2004 and have developed a recruitment, training and management strategy that ensures our clients’ brands are always represented with accuracy and positivity.

Finding good people

Talented brand ambassadors are warm and friendly, empathetic and energetic. They are also hard working, flexible, have bags of common sense and are able to pick up new information quickly – from brand and product knowledge to how to use bespoke software. All our brand ambassadors are interviewed in person before being accepted onto our book – allowing us to fully assess their capability.

Enabling success

To get the most out of your brand ambassadors, it is important to give them the necessary tools to do a great job. This is why we always create a training programme for our brand ambassadors before every new job. Depending on the details of the campaign, this ranges from a simple webinar with follow up questionnaire to an in-depth structured programme at a specialist training venue.

Performance management

Our performance management strategy follows three pillars – motivation, support and monitoring. We run a mix of structured and ad hoc incentive programmes for our brand ambassadors. We provide on-site support as well as multiple two-way communication channels and ongoing training. And we monitor their performance so that we can suggest improvements throughout the campaign.

Case Studies


When brand managers are developing an experiential or promotional campaign, brand ambassador event staffing can often be that last line on their critical path. This makes sense in some ways – the campaign needs to be justified (planning), designed (creative), built (production) and brought to life (account management) before the promotional brand ambassadors can get involved.

But leaving brand ambassador staffing to the end brings with it some problems. Projects often overrun, which results in brand ambassador staffing agencies having very little time to recruit staff for the event (and of course good staff are already booked to work elsewhere). Campaigns are often over budget by this stage too so brands look to find savings by cutting their brand ambassador budget. Again, this inevitably leads to sub-standard brand ambassador provision, whether that’s through low pay or lack of training etc.

But this set of decisions can have a hugely negative effect on the success of a brand experience. To put it starkly, promotional brand ambassadors can make or break a campaign. If they greet a consumer with warmth and energy, encourage them to take part with empathy and inspiration, and answer their questions with knowledge and understanding, that consumer will have had an incredibly positive brand experience.

However, if the brand ambassador is quiet or rigid; if they’re passive and lack interest; or if they struggle to answer questions about the activation or products on display, the consumer will leave with a much more negative view of the brand – even if the activity itself was fun.

We are one of the UK’s biggest and most long standing brand ambassador staffing agencies and have provided hundreds of brand ambassadors for major activations by brands including Samsung, Cadburys, MINI, Weetabix, Quaker and Volvic amongst others – as well as providing brand ambassadors for one off events like festivals, exhibitions and sporting events. We work directly with brands and with experiential marketing agencies, and are proud of our reputation for providing consistently high quality brand ambassadors.

We set very high expectations for our staff because we understand the vital role they play in a brand experience. We also work with our clients as partners, providing brand ambassador staffing expertise to ensure they receive the right support to ensure success.

You can browse our brand ambassador case studies below. And if you have any brand ambassador event staffing requirements of your own, please get in touch by emailing or calling 0207 939 7670  – we would love to help.