Experiential marketing offers a powerful opportunity for brands to connect directly with their target audience via a personal, face-to-face experience. But to make the most of this interaction, brands need to use high quality experiential staffing – staff that are warm and engaging, as well as knowledgeable, professional and a natural fit for the brand in terms of values and passions. At Mash we only accept high calibre staff onto our book, and always match the right experiential staff to our clients’ brands.

Positive brand experience

Of course experiential marketing is about delivering an experience – but to make the most of the investment, the experience needs to be good enough that it stays in a consumer’s memory once the activity is over. Research shows that the key to this is personalisation – answering bespoke questions, unearthing a consumer’s specific needs or dreams. At Mash we understand that the quality of experiential staff is key.

The best experiential staff

When we recruit new experiential staff, we look for skills in three different areas – personality, professionalism and teamwork. The best experiential staff are outgoing and friendly, but also empathetic and able to read people. Working long hours in busy environments, often outside, requires commitment and a strong work ethic. And being able to connect with others – both colleagues and consumers – is vital.

Monitoring and development

As we are selective about the experiential staff that we recruit, we are able to provide work consistently. This helps create a community of loyal Mashers and also gives staff the opportunity to learn and grow in their role. Every member of staff is graded by their manager after each job, and given ongoing training. And our mystery shop programme ensures we can spot and address any improvement requirements quickly.

Case Studies


When Mash launched fifteen years ago, the term ‘experiential marketing’ – and by association ‘experiential marketing staffing’ – hardly existed. We worked in promotional marketing, providing staff for sampling campaigns and marketing events. However, it didn’t take long for brands to work out what a special opportunity face to face brand connection presented – and gradually sampling grew into immersive and memorable brand experiences. And with it, Mash became one of the first experiential staffing agencies.

Fast forward to present day and Mash is now one of the biggest providers of experiential staff in London and the UK. We have provided experiential staffing on major campaigns for some of the country’s most popular brands – from Cadburys and Pringles to Samsung, MINI and Paco Rabanne. Our staff encourage consumers to engage with brands, and help create positive experiences that support brand appeal in the long term.

We currently manage a book of 4,000 experiential staff based across the UK. We set very high standards, and every new recruit is interviewed by a member of our talent team before being accepted onto our book. We always ensure our experiential staff have the right personality (engaging, warm and encouraging) and the right attitude (professional, hard working, flexible and great working as part of a team) – as well relevant experience.

Once a member of experiential staff joins Mash, they become part of our vibrant and supportive community. As well as providing them with regular work, we run Mash incentives (on top of campaign specific programmes), social media groups, and various Masher events such as a Christmas quiz and summer sports day. This helps drive loyalty, commitment and a sense of belonging, which our clients benefit from hugely.

As a specialist experiential staffing agency, we understand what makes a successful experiential activity, and are able to add real value to our clients’ campaigns. Whether it’s advice on people flow, or ideas for increasing uptake of the activities on the stand, our account teams and experiential staff offer huge insight that can make a real difference.

While Mash has grown into other areas of staffing, we will always remain a committed experiential marketing staffing agency. We work with both experiential marketing agencies and directly with brands, and have grown a reputation for providing staff who understand the huge value that face-to-face brand experiences offer, and have the right skills to deliver it.

We offer experiential staff in London and across the UK. If you have any experiential staffing needs that you’d like to discuss, please get in touch by emailing hello@mashstaffing.com or calling 0207 939 7670 – we would love to help.