In today’s digital world, being able to measure success using accurate empirical data is a vital element of any marketing campaign. Before 2015 we were struggling to find reporting software that gave us the data we needed, while allowing for the practicalities of off-site experiential activations. So we developed our own reporting app, carefully designed to take all these elements into account. And so M+ Reports was born.


At the start of a campaign, the account team work with the client to build the perfect questionnaire. M+ Reports offers many different options – from drop down numerical or text choices to free text and photo uploads – so clients can get the specific information they need to measure success. Over the last 5 years, M+ Reports has been continually updated and improved based on real campaign feedback.

Easy to use

In a busy field environment, compliance and accuracy of report completion are important considerations. All Mash staff have the M+ app on their own phones (iPhone and Android) – questionnaires are uploaded automatically to their account and very user friendly to complete. Staff can work offline, and their completed report will be submitted automatically when they reach a Wi-Fi signal.

Clear results

M+ Reports provides a client dashboard for results to be displayed. The account team uses the collected data to create a clear picture of event status through photos, charts, graphs and maps. This is then uploaded to the client dashboard for assessment. Having real time results-based insight allows us to make recommendations during the live campaign, as well helping to shape future activity.