Research shows that approximately 20% of in-store purchases are impulse buys, which means that in-store activation can have a very positive effect on product sales. We work with a number of brand and retailer clients, helping them to activate either by building visual displays to support new products or seasons, or by providing tactical staff to engage with shoppers within the retail environment.

Personal engagement in-store

To offer shoppers a sample at point of purchase is a well-known and effective sales strategy. Our staff add to that value by creating a personal and positive experience to complement the sampling aspect of in-store activation. As well as encouraging purchase, this deeper engagement can change the consumer’s perception of the brand and their shopping behaviour going forward.

Visual merchandisers

For clients such as Nike, we provide a team of visual merchandisers who go in store and build displays to promote new products or the latest season’s new range. These individuals are experienced in creating environments for in-store activation and work with efficiency, creativity and excellent attention to detail. To generate maximum impact, dozens of different store displays may be transformed overnight.

Working as partners

Whether we’re running an in-store activation for GHD in John Lewis stores, or one for Waitrose on behalf of Green & Blacks, the partnership between brand and retailer is key to the smooth running (and therefore success) of an in-store campaign. We hold good relationships across both sectors and can be the lynchpin between parties during the planning and activation phases.

Case Studies

Further Information

In-store activation is the powerful meeting point between experiential brand activity and retail sales. But like any brand activity, it is important that the experience is positive, memorable and on brand. Whether you’re creating a temporary static product display designed to influence shopper choice in-store, or implementing a face-to-face personal brand experience, having high quality staff is key to its success.

We work with Waitrose to deliver the staffing aspect of their Tastings with Waitrose programme. Originally introduced as a trial in 25 stores, the programme was extended to their full estate in 2019 and we now provide hundreds of brand ambassadors with food hygiene qualifications to engage with shoppers in-store, and introduce them to a range of different products – from Green & Blacks chocolate to Fever Tree tonic and Nakd bars.

Our retail department has grown hugely over the last few years, largely in response to brands and retailers understanding the need for experiential in store activation. For a number of clients, we provide tactical staff during the key golden quarter. For example, during November and December our staff support GHD on busy selling days in John Lewis stores. Our staff are highly trained on the GHD range, and passionate about hair & beauty, so they are able to deliver a powerful brand experience as well as generating sales.

We have worked with Lavazza since 2009, and our in-store activation team now totals 40 core staff. To invest in a coffee machine, consumers want to imagine how it will fit within their lives, and Lavazza has long understood the value of in store activation in giving consumers the positive brand experience they need before committing to purchase. Our team are all highly skilled sales demonstrators, able to deliver personalised and relevant retail activations.

In store activations take various forms and demand staff with different skillsets. An impactful and thoughtfully designed display can grab a consumer’s attention and encourage purchase by itself. For some of our clients – including Nike and Lee Jeans – we provide a team of visual merchandisers who ensure new in store activation displays are built on time, and with the creativity and attention to detail required by the brand. While we run permanent teams for both brands, we also provide large teams of tactical staff for Nike to support new product launches and seasonal changeovers.

If you have any in-store activation staffing needs that you’d like to discuss, please get in touch by emailing or calling 0207 939 7670 – we would love to help.