For the last ten years, we have provided Sales Demonstrators to a range of clients, including Lavazza – for which our in store demonstration campaigns have generated sales in stores including John Lewis, Selfridges, Lakeland and Debenhams stores for a number of years.

Our In-Store Demonstrators are selected based on their experience and sales skills, allowing them to confidently provide your consumers with a great, and memorable, experience, generating real brand loyalty that begins the moment they step into your retail space.

The in-store demonstrations provided by our sales staff can generate a broader customer base, and engender real brand loyalty as part of these in-store activations – using both our experience in the sector, and the continued training and development of our staff.

Whether they’re tech sales demonstration staff, or food sampling staff, the right people are essential to helping consumers connect with your brand – so we match our in-store sales staff to your business, ensuring a great fit with your business, and a strong sense of buy-in that allows both you and your customers to feel confident in their exceptional knowledge of your product range.

For more information on our in-store demonstration staff, or to find out how a strong in-store sales programme can benefit your brand, contact us – or complete our contact box below, and one of our team will get back to you.

Case Studies



We provide in-store demonstration staff for a range of clients, including Samsung, Lavazza, GHD, Peloton and Beats.

The rise of e-commerce has brought huge change within the retail industry. As high streets and shopping centres feel the effects of reduced footfall, bricks & mortar stores are looking for new ways to entice shoppers in-store that can’t be replicated online.

This search has led to the rise of retail experience with an in-store demonstrator at its heart – giving consumers a positive, real brand experience within the store. As one of the UK’s most successful in-store demonstration agencies, we have been leading this trend, providing brands and retailers with expert in-store demonstration staff for the last 10 years.

Our first retail client was the globally renowned coffee brand Lavazza. The Lavazza account has grown steadily, and we now run a team of 40 sales demonstration staff across the country, who are responsible for delivering the majority of Lavazza’s capsule machine sales.

The role of an in-store demonstrator is not only to show shoppers the features and benefits of the product, but also to build a rapport and identify their specific needs. For example, one customer might love coffee, but also have three kids and a busy job. A good in-store demonstrator will know that this consumer profile will be particularly interested in how easy a Lavazza coffee machine is to clean, and our team will recognise that and adapt the brand experience accordingly.

More recently, we had added Samsung KX to our exceptional list of retail clients. A huge space in the heart of Kings Cross, Samsung KX represents the next generation of retail experience, and we are responsible for its full team of 80 tech demonstration staff – who engage with visitors and encourage them to try the amazing range of Samsung tech products on display.

And as an example of how much traditional norms are changing, Samsung KX staff are entirely focused on engaging visitors in brand activities, while our staff working on current promotional activity for Samsung – the Samsung Studios tour – have started to sell product to visitors who engage with the brand experience. As an expert in-store promotional agency we have been able to recruit experienced tech sales demonstrators to work on the campaign.

As marketing and retail disciplines merge, and traditions are challenged, the intrinsic importance of creating positive brand experiences for consumers only grows stronger. As a leading in-store promotional agency, we are well-placed to lead the staffing of this new normal.

To find out more about our in-store demonstration staff, please contact us – or complete our contact box below – and one of our team will get back to you.