For many different types of products, having a face to face demonstration provides an extra layer of reassurance for shoppers. For big ticket items – like music systems, appliances and vacuum cleaners – product demonstrations offer a chance to really understand the item, and imagine it in your own home. For more complex products like computers or smartphones, a demonstration will also ensure you know how to get the best out of your new purchase. But product demonstrations are only effective if the person delivering them is knowledgeable, inspiring and personable.


For all our retail accounts, our staff have exceptional knowledge of the brand they represent and the products within the range. Every new member of staff completes a formal training programme. We also run quarterly training sessions and provide online top up study. This mix of learning ensures that all our retail staff have an exceptional knowledge base, and can answer any question asked by a consumer.


To deliver an effective in store product demonstration, the demonstrator needs to understand the consumer – and their specific needs – as much as the product. We train our staff to listen to their audience, and respond with a product demonstration that addresses their particular requirements. Adapting the demonstration to create a personalised and relevant experience significantly increases the chance of a sale.

Brand building

Product demonstrations are more than a sales tool. While data shows that our teams do increase sales when they’re active in-store, they also have a positive influence in the longer term too. An enjoyable experience gives consumers a positive view of the brand, and can affect their future purchase decisions. So our teams will always prioritise experience over sale, and understand that one leads to the other.

Case Studies

Further Information

It is no secret that the retail industry has been struggling as it tries to compete with online shopping. For many, e-commerce is thought of as a cheaper, easier and more efficient alternative with its smart search capabilities and never emptying stockroom. But the retail industry is waking up to the realisation that there is one area where online shopping can’t compete – and that is in retail experience.

In-store product demonstrations lie at the core of retail experience. However much online retailers try to give shoppers insight into the products they’re browsing, nothing compares to a personally delivered, face-to-face product demonstration. An immersive product demonstration, delivered by a product expert with an approachable and enthusiastic personality, is hugely effective in moving consumers from the browsing stage to purchase for big ticket items.

But product demonstrations offer even more than sales support, because they double up as a personal and immersive brand experience – which is powerful for shaping consumer opinion in the long term.

At Mash we have huge experience in managing teams of in-store product demonstrators, with excellent success in both brand building and sales. We have managed the Lavazza Sales Demonstrator programme since 2009 and the team now numbers 40 people and delivers over half of Lavazza’s A Modo Mio sales in the UK. Our team gives immersive product demonstrations in John Lewis, Selfridges and House of Fraser stores nationwide.

We also manage all the staff working at Samsung KX – the global tech company’s flagship brand experience space at Kings Cross. Following an immersive 4 week training programme, our team of 80 retail experience experts engage with visitors every day, introducing them to the Samsung range via a variety of exciting and personal product demonstrations.

We also helped Dyson launch the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer by recruiting a team of 60 retail experienced hair and beauty specialists to give in-store product demonstrations in John Lewis, Selfridges and flagship Boots stores. The Supersonic is an exceptional product, but also carries an equally unique price tag. By giving shoppers a personalised and immersive product demonstration, our staff showcased its value – and in so doing, smashed their sales targets.

At Mash we manage in-store product demonstration teams for a number of major global brands from Samsung and Lavazza to Beats and GHD. If you would like to discuss your retail product demonstration needs, please get in touch.