Working in retail is a demanding job, both physically and mentally. It usually involves working unsociable hours and career opportunities aren’t always obvious. These challenges have positioned the retail industry as one of the lowest performers in both staff retention and attendance. So we work extra hard to find candidates with the right brand fit and a genuine desire to work in retail.


We have a database of 4,000 professional brand experience staff, of which a significant proportion have experience in the retail environment. We also have a strong retail recruitment team who use a combination of channels to reach new retail staff. And we use an advanced applicant tracking system to ensure standards are met at every stage of the recruitment process.


We currently recruit for some of the most progressive brands in retail, including Samsung, Nike, Peloton and Tesla, and our retail department manages permanent teams for many global brands. We have built a reputation within the retail industry for working with the best brands, and recruiting the highest quality of staff. And this reputation helps us build ideal profiles and attract new talent.


We understand the pivotal role that a retail worker plays in-store, so our recruitment process is very robust. The process involves many stages from CV screening and telephone interviews to assessment centres. We use group interviews, role play and psychometric testing where appropriate. And by showing a keen interest in the candidates, we find that they become more excited about the role.

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The retail industry is suffering from a number of challenges at the moment and the winning response is to create retail experiences that can’t be replicated online – from product demonstrations and personal shoppers to VIP events and immersive activities in-store. But to deliver these experiences successfully, retailers must ensure that they have the right type of in-store worker. Finding the right people can be a difficult – and expensive – task, so it’s worth using an experienced retail recruitment agency to help.

The contemporary retail space needs its staff to have different skill sets to traditional retail. Nowadays store workers need to be confident, enthusiastic and personable; and to demonstrate empathy, understanding and diplomacy. They also need to be product experts and brand advocates. Due to the pace of change, not all retail recruitment agencies are on board with today’s new style of retail worker.

Of course it may not be necessary for entry level in-store workers to have retail experience – everyone needs to start somewhere. But they do need these fundamental character traits in order to deliver retail experiences that make shoppers feel special. And retail recruitment agencies must work to this new normal in order to source the right staff for their clients.

There are many retail recruitment agencies in the marketplace, but more traditional recruiters often put quantity before quality. At Mash, we are different. Due to our wider remit of managing permanent retail teams, we have an in-depth understanding of the current retail landscape and its growing expectations on staff. We translate this into meaningful recruitment criteria and then apply these against every prospective candidate.

As a leading retail recruitment agency, we will always focus on each individual’s potential – in effort, commitment, personality and ability to do the job – even if we are tasked with recruiting large numbers of staff. For example, we were given one month to recruit 60 hair and beauty specialists with retail experience to help launch the Dyson Supersonic. The team were brilliant, the feedback was exceptional and our efforts on the project led to us winning Gold for Sales Campaign of the Year at the proceeding IPM COGS Awards.

At Mash, we are passionate about retail experience, and believe fundamentally in the power of human connection. So if you want retail staff who can bring these concepts to life, then we are the retail recruitment agency for you.