During the festive period, as well as major cycle changes throughout the year, Seasonal Merchandising staff can make an enormous difference in helping your brand to make a great impression with consumers. Our Christmas visual merchandising teams, for instance, have helped our clients stand out during the busy festive period – when retail space is at a premium, and every detail is important in making your brand stand out.

Our Merchandisers have extensive knowledge of the retail marketplace, and are able to use their experience to implement changes to your product displays in a variety of stores to ensure they deliver real impact and stand out from the competition.

We source and select our Seasonal Merchandising staff based on their skills and experience, with all candidates profiled and interviewed to ensure they deliver exceptional merchandising, in every sector.

For more information on how Seasonal Merchandisers can help your brand, contact us using the form below, or call 0207 939 7670 to talk to a member of our retail staffing team. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for Christmas promotional staff, or Christmas hospitality staff, contact us, and our Promotional & Experiential, or Corporate Hospitality team will be happy to assist.

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