Working with a range of clients in the fashion and sports sectors, we provide talented in-store Visual Merchandising staff on a contract and permanent basis.

Using a range of candidate attraction and selection methods, we are able to build a Talent Pool of exceptional Visual Merchandisers for our clients, from Nike to Lavazza, recruiting staff with in-depth knowledge and experience of their sector to ensure merchandising standards are upheld across the UK.

From large-scale merchandising activity, to Visual Merchandising Specialists, Trainers and Management staff, we are able to provide a bespoke service to our clients to suit their individual needs. With a wealth of experience in the world of visual merchandising in store, for brands from high-fashion, to premium technology, our merchandising teams bring a wide skillset, and a relentless attention to detail, to every aspect of their work.

For more information on how our In-Store Visual Merchandising staff can help your brand to stand out in the retail marketplace, contact us using the enquiry form below, or call 0207 939 7670 to talk to a member of our retail staffing team.

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